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Sexual liberties, the wrong battle in Morocco

Source : | 5 July 2012 |  News, Politics | 648 views


The furious debate raised these days about the sexual liberty in Morocco that goes more irritated after the statements of “Leghzioui” and “Cheikh Nahari”, is the wrong battle to fight on behalf of prosperity and development of Morocco.

The debate is implicitly politically motivated, and some parties of the opposition are standing behind, watching the fire erupted in society and the clashes between different components, aiming to offend the Islamic government of “Justice and Development”, and they come under the banner of human rights. And since in politics all weapons are accepted, some parties of the opposition are doing what they can to win over the majority, particularly PJD, using associations and press as arms in this battle.

Then “Cheikh Nahari” ‘s reaction comes, spurred by his love for Islam, and he sees that it’s his duty to defend Islam against this outrageous campaign. But, he goes too far when he calls for the killing of “Laghzioui”, and such irresponsible reactions that the sex liberty callers were waiting for, and “Nahari” given them this golden opportunity, and his immature reaction now is perfectly used in the media to stigmatize the Islamists and show how brutal and small minded they are with no tolerance and the ability to debate away from cruel reactions.

No one could deny that sexual relations outside marriage do not exist in Moroccan society, and a lot of babies are born as a result, and a great number of abortions are made every day, but the authorities turn a blind eye, and it’s not the legalization of such relations in a society like Morocco where a majority of people still suffer illiteracy that will solve the society’s problems, but in contrast this legalization will be a catastrophe, and no one would expect its negative effects on a society where the majority is conservative Muslims.

If the call of “Nahari” to the killing of “Leghzioui” is condemned and it’s an irresponsible action, the calls to legalize sexual relations outside marriage could be considered as extremism, especially when comes from Moroccans that expect such reaction even before they call for that.

Actually, these sexual debates that turn all around sex organs won’t give any good for the country, and these are not the big challenges of Morocco. While we were expected to focus on development issues including development of human’ minds through education, we are following the empty debates that, if not harm won’t give any good for the country.

Let us be wise, and stop playing with fire that might burn everyone!

 Rachid Madani

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