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Moroccan mobile users up 8.6% a year to 36.24 mln

Source : | 5 June 2012 |  News, Technology | 10115 views


Morocco had 36.24 million mobile phone customers at the end of March, up 8.6 percent on a year earlier, to reach a 112.6 percent penetration rate, reports telecom regulator ANRT. Maroc Telecom (Itissalat Al Maghrib) has a 47.45 percent share, followed by Medi Telecom with 31 percent and Wana Corporate with 21.55 percent. The country’s fixed penetration rate is only 11 percent, down 3 percent to the end of March 2011, with 3.53 million subscribers, including 2.25 million on fixed wireless. Wana has a 64.06 percent share, followed by Maroc Telecom with 35.25 percent and Medi Telecom with 0.69 percent. Moroccan internet subscribers, including over mobile networks, grew by 56.5 percent to 3.4 million at the end of March, for a 10.57 percent penetration rate. Maroc Telecom, Medi Telecom and Wana had 53.37 percent, 29.32 percent and 17.31 percent market shares, respectively. The number of payphones, 76.7 percent of which are run by Maroc Telecom, saw their presence fall by 39.75 percent in a year to 105,498 lines.



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