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Barcelona to tour Morocco

Source : | 30 May 2012 |  News, Sports | 1698 views


Spanish giants FC Barcelona will travel to Morocco for a lucrative summer pre-season tour, playing a friendly match against a local side in the city of Tanger on July 28, an official from the Morocco ministry of sports confirmed on Tuesday.

The 2011 UEFA champions will be paid €1 million (R 10 m) for their participation in the encounter, meant to pay homage to Morocco’s soccer legend Abdelmajid Dolmy, 59, organisers said.

“On July 28, the city of Tangier in northern Morocco will welcome Lionel Messi and his team mates. A friendly match against a squad of Moroccan stars will play against the guest team,” said Hamid Faridi, media officer of the sports ministry.

The friendly match is being organised by a committee made up of the Morocco sports ministry, the national society of the implementation and management of stadiums (SONARGES), a Swiss events promoter and a local sponsor.

Spanish newspaper El Mundo Deportivo has also confirmed the Catalan club will rake up to €1 million from their trip to the Maghreb state.



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