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Morocco’s Adel Taarabt may be dropped for poor attitude at the 2012 Afcon – report

Source : | 17 February 2012 |  News, Sports | 2656 views

Coach Eric Gerets is said to have lost his patience with the QPR winger and his lack of professionalism during the tournament in Gabon & Equatorial Guinea


Taarabt is said to have completely lost focus in training after Morocco lost their second game and were effectively eliminated from the continental competition. Gerets was clearly unimpressed with the winger’s childish attitude and elected not to use him in the final group match, resulting in a narrow 1-0 victory over Niger for the north Africans.

It isn’t the first time that the QPR player has had a run in with his coach, the first coming when he elected to abandon the squad on the eve of a crucial 2012 Afcon qualifier against rivals Algeria after he learned that he wouldn’t be in the starting lineup. The Atlas Lions played their best game under Gerets won 4-0, with Taarabt’s replacement, Ousamma Assaidi, playing a starring role in the rout.

A final answer on Taarabt’s fate will be delivered when Gerets announces his squad for the February 29 friendly match against Burkina Faso that Morocco have scheduled in order to gear up for 2013 Afcon qualifying.

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