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Automotive: CAC Becomes Morocco’s Official SEAT Importer, Distributor

Rabat – Centrale Automobile Cherifienne (CAC), the importer and distributor of the Volkswagen Group automobiles in Morocco, has secured exclusive import rights for Seat vehicles.According to local media, the new deal came into effect on April 1. On top of ... More

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Morocco Signs Decentralized Cooperation Framework Agreement with France

Rabat – During a virtual meeting on Thursday, the president of France’s New Aquitaine Alain Rousset and the president of the Council of Morocco’s Souss-Massa region Brahim Hafidi, signed a 2021-2023 decentralized cooperation framework. Also attending the meeting was Morocco’s ... More

2 April 2021 | Economy | No comment

ADF Grants €1.5 Million to Develop Social, Solidarity Economy in Morocco

Rabat – The French Development Agency (AFD) has agreed to provide a €1.5 million (MAD 16 million) grant to the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism, Air Transport, Handicrafts and Social Economy, to help reinforce the social and solidarity economy (SSE) framework ... More

2 April 2021 | Economy | No comment

France Decorates OCP’s CEO Mostafa Terrab with Legion of Honor Insignia

Rabat – The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of theOffice Cherifien des Phosphates(OCP) Mostafa Terrab has received the Insignia of Officer of the Legion of Honor of France on Wednesday in Rabat.Handed over by the French Ambassador to Morocco, Helene Le ... More

2 April 2021 | Economy | No comment

Credit Agricole Offers ‘Green’ Loan for Rural Real Estate in Morocco

Rabat – Credit Agricole du Maroc unveiled on Sunday a new type of mortgage, inviting city-dwelling residents to invest in the Moroccan countryside. The bank’s “Sakan Qaraoui” (Green Loan) housing loan will allow Moroccans to buy land in rural areas and ... More

1 April 2021 | Economy | No comment

Minister Calls for Shared Responsibility to Tackle Water Management in Morocco

Minister of Equipment Abdelkader Amara has called for shared responsibility to address challenges of water management in Morocco.The minister recently spoke about the importance of citizens’ engagement in the management of water resources, sharing new statistics about the establishment of ... More

1 April 2021 | Economy | No comment

Essaouira Day To Strengthen France-Morocco-Israel Economic Dynamics

Rabat – Organizers announced “Essaouira Economic Day” on Wednesday during a web conference on investment that the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Morocco (CFCIM), Essaouira Innovation Lab, and Essaouira-Mogador Association jointly hosted. Essaouira Economic Day will take place on ... More

1 April 2021 | Economy | No comment

Water Management Drives OCP Group’s Ambitious Sustainability Program

Rabat – In what looks like a strategic recalibration,OCP Groupis putting together an “ambitious,” boldly climate-friendly program to reduce its consumption of water and foster its sustainability status. Building on OCP’s current contribution to Morocco’slargely appreciatedenvironment-friendly efforts, the program projects ... More

1 April 2021 | Economy | No comment

Economic Delegation From China Visits Morocco, Talks Wind Energy

Rabat – The President of Morocco’s Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Region Council, Fatima Al-Hassani, received an economic delegation from China led by the vice president of the CRBC on Tuesday, March 30.The China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), a subsidiary of China ... More

1 April 2021 | Economy | No comment

OCP Group, TDB Complete First Intra-African Blockchain-Based Transaction

Rabat – Morocco’s OCP Group and the Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (TDB) have completed the first ever large-scale intra-African transaction using blockchain.“The Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (TDB) and OCP Group, the world’s ... More

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