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Artmazigh Day Reconnects Amazigh Artists to Their Culture, Heritage

Amazigh-Movement-Loses-Emblematic-Activist-and-Lawyer-Ahmed-Adghirni-238x178.jpg From November 29 to 30, 2020, the Amazigh and the art community witnessed the remarkable event of Artmazigh Day, which brought together talented Amazigh artists on social media who illustrated their identity and culture through art.Amazigh and its plural Imazighen ... More

6 December 2020 | Arts & Culture | No comment

Lifestyle: 8 Habits and Customs Every Moroccan Understands

Tea.jpeg Morocco’s rich and diverse culture and heritage continue to influence Moroccan customs today. The country’s unique traditions and habits make Moroccans some of the most intriguing people to meet and be friends with. Traveling to Morocco for the first time might ... More

5 December 2020 | Arts & Culture | No comment

Morocco Endorses Audrey Azoulay for 2nd UNESCO DG Term

Morocco has officially announced its support for the candidacy ofUNESCO Director-GeneralAudrey Azoulay for a second term at the head of the UN organization.Morocco’s Permanent Ambassador to UNESCO, Samir Addahre, expressed the country’s endorsement of Azoulay’s candidacy at the opening session ... More

3 December 2020 | Arts & Culture | No comment

La Marlouf: Yassine Kouysse Creates First Moroccan Tripel Beer

9644bd42-33b1-48fd-b091-58150039c4c9-238x178.jpg Moroccans seem to always find a way to preserve their heritage and identity by merging them in the modern world and employing their culture in their passion, either in art, fashion, or cuisine. Yassine Kouysse’s first Moroccan tripel beerLa Marloufis ... More

29 November 2020 | Arts & Culture | No comment

Morocco’s Ministry of Culture to Boost Investment Budget in 2021

Morocco’s-Budget-Deficit-Continues-to-Grow-Reaches-5.52-Billion-238x178.jpg Morocco’sMinistry of Culturehas allocated a budget of MAD 480 million ($52.87 million) for investments in cultural projects for the year 2021. The figure is 45.45% larger than the investment budget allocated for 2020, which stood at MAD 330 million ($36.35 ... More

28 November 2020 | Arts & Culture | No comment

Ferromirum Oukherbouchi: Ancient Moroccan Shark Leads to New Discovery

Spinosaurus-Scientists-Reveal-New-Findings-on-Moroccan-River-Monster-238x178.jpg Ferromirum Oukherbouchi, an ancient shark that lived in modern-day Morocco 370 million years ago, has contributed to a new scientific discovery.Researchers from the Universities of Zurich and Chicago publisheda paperon November 17 that analyses fossils of the prehistoric shark to ... More

21 November 2020 | Arts & Culture | No comment

Hassan Hajjaj: Somewhere Between Modernity and Tradition

South-Korea-Sees-Morocco-Through-the-Lens-of-Hassan-Hajjaj-238x178.jpg Hassan Hajjaj, as both a transcultural identity living an immigrant life and a mediator who represents this kind of life to his viewers, is a good example to consider in the light of multiculturalism and cultural hybridity, because he excels ... More

21 November 2020 | Arts & Culture | No comment

Morocco’s Princess Lalla Hasnaa Celebrates 53rd Birthday

King-Mohammed-VI-to-Remotely-Deliver-Opening-Speech-of-Legislative-Year-238x178.jpg Rabat – Princess Lalla Hasnaa, the younger sister of Morocco’s King Mohammed V, celebrates her 53rd birthday on Thursday, November 19.The youngest daughter of the late King Hassan II, the princess was born on November 19, 1967, in Rabat. As the ... More

19 November 2020 | Arts & Culture | No comment

Morocco, France to Fund Training Program for African Museum Experts

Rasha-Rizk-A-Beloved-Syrian-Musician-with-the-Voice-of-an-Angel-238x178.jpg Rabat – Morocco’s National Museum Foundation (FNM) and France’s Development Agency (AFD) signed on Monday a €300,000 grant agreement to fund a pan-African training program for professionals in the field of museums and heritage.FNM President Mehdi Qotbisignedthe agreement with the ... More

10 November 2020 | Arts & Culture | No comment

Ajnabia Odysseus: Paleontologists Unearth New Dinosaur Fossil in Morocco

Spinosaurus_aegyptiacus_ricostruzione-238x178.jpg Rabat – An international team of paleontologists discovered in Morocco a fossil of a previously-unknown dinosaur named Ajnabia odysseus, a member of the duckbill dinosaur family.CNNreported last week that the new fossil might belong to a species who once traveled ... More

9 November 2020 | Arts & Culture | No comment

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