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Spain and Morocco compete for oil search in Canary Islands

map_of_canary-islands   MADRID, 21 MARCH - Spain and Morocco are competing in the search for oil in the deep-sea area of Canary Islands, near the sea border with Morocco. This can be inferred from what the Industry, Tourism and Trade Minister ... More

21 March 2012 | News | No comment

Maghreb: AMU, summit in Rabat on Saturday

1328741161   RABAT, FEBRUARY 15 - The Foreign Trade Ministers of the five countries that make up the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU) will hold a meeting in Rabat on Saturday. The goal of the meeting is to re-launch the social-economic integration ... More

16 February 2012 | News, Politics | No comment

Morocco: first Muslim banks soon

MALAYSIA-FRANCE-ECONOMY-ISLAM   RABAT, 15 FEBRUARY - Morocco might soon create its first Islamic banks. The issue is indeed one of Benkirane government's priorities: the Parliamentary group of PJD, the moderate Islamic party having won November's elections, has already finished writing the ... More

15 February 2012 | Economy, News | No comment

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