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Public Finances – Cameroon to learn from Morocco’s experience

Source : | 17 February 2012 |  News, Politics, World | 2185 views

Cameroon’s Supreme State Audit Office wants to establishment cooperation ties with Morocco’s Court of Accounts in order to tap from Morocco’s public finance management experience.

Henri Eyebe Ayissi

This was one of the main issues the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of the Supreme State Audit Office, Henri Eyebe Ayissi and new Ambassador of Morocco to Cameroon, Lahcen Sail discussed in a meeting in Yaounde, February 17, 2012.

It emerged from the discussions held behind closed doors that Minister Eyebe Ayissi solicited the support of the Moroccan Embassy in Yaounde in establishing the cooperation ties whose ultimate goal is exchange of working visits.

The Moroccan Court of Accounts, Supreme State Audit Office officials disclosed, has a leading experience in fighting against the embezzlement of public funds and corruption.

They disclosed that Cameroon dispatched experts to learn from the Moroccan experience during the establishment of the Audit Bench of the Supreme Court, specialised in ensuring proper management of finances of public and semi-public companies in Cameroon.

The courtesy visit of the Moroccan Ambassador is part of the ongoing discussions Minister Eyebe Ayissi has been holding with national institutions and foreign partners in seeking ways of strengthening the fight against corruption and embezzlement of public funds.

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