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Libya/Morocco: Libya and Morocco in a Goalless Draw in Arab Cup

Source : | 28 June 2012 |  News, Sports | 2294 views

Morocco played a goalless draw with Libya in Group B Day 2 fixture of the ongoing Arab Cup in Saudi Arabia. The draw meant both teams kept their semi final qualification dreams alive as they both raised their tally to 4 points saw the Atlas Lions on top of the group on goal difference, while the Mediterranean Knights follow.

Morocco won match Day 1 tie against Bahrain (4-0) while Libya beat Yemen 3-1.

The match started slowly with both teams defending well and trying to make use of the counter attacks. Having already collected three points from first matches it looked like neither side was keen to lose and did enough to ensure a draw would be a step towards wards qualification with a game to go still in the group stage.

Libyan manager AbdelHafiz Arbech’s set up showed an offensive approach as he fielded 3 players in attack, with Ahmed Saad playing behind Faisal Mansour and Ahmed Hussein. On the other side Morocco Belgian manager Eric Gerets set up a solid defensive strategy and Gahouh’s fellows had applied it perfectly, with their gpoalkeeper Aziz Kinnani having a good night making some fine saves.

In the second half Gerets changed strategy trying to gain more possession in the midfield, but Libyans were the better side as the game ended in a barren draw. Moroccan defender Hamad Gahouh won Man of the Match award after producing a great defensive performance during the game.

On Wednesday Sudan will take on Lebanon while Egypt faces Iraq in Group C Day 2 fixtures

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