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Morsi camp claims Egypt presidency win

Mohammed Morsi Brotherhood claims victory based on unofficial tallies, but SCAF decree limiting presidential powers overshadows count. The Muslim Brotherhood has declared their candidate, Mohammed Morsi, the winner of Egypt's presidential runoff, and unofficial vote tallies show him leading the race by ... More

18 June 2012 | News, Politics | Comments Off

Dozens killed in Mexico prison fight

201221919538142734_20 Violence at jail on the outskirts of northern business city of Monterrey leaves at least 44 people dead.   Violence at a prison on the outskirts of Mexico's northern manufacturing city Monterrey has left at least 44 dead, authorities said. ... More

20 February 2012 | News, World | No comment

A Moroccan circus is offering some of the country’s poorest children a brighter future.

ringling-bros-circus  Cirque Shems'y, the circus of my sun, sits on the edge of one of Morocco's poorest slums in Salé, on the northwest coast. Each year, hundreds of children and teenagers come to the circus to try out as performers, desperate ... More

14 February 2012 | Arts & Culture, News, Sports | No comment

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