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Benatia denies Udinese exit

Source : | 23 July 2012 |  News, Sports | 2477 views
Morocco defender Mehdi Benatia denies reports indicating that he wants to leave Italian side Udinese
Udinese’s Moroccan defender Mehdi Benatia said on Sunday he has no intention of leaving Serie A side Udinese, insisting he would not depart unless he receives an offer from a high-profile European club.Reports suggested that Benatia would leave Udinese this summer after several clubs made no secret of their desire to sign him.

“I know that several clubs are interested in me but I never said that I want to leave,” Benatia was quoted as saying by Moroccan paper Mountakhab.

”Udinese will play in the Champions League the next season. I think I will stay at Udinese.”

Reports also linked him with several French Ligue1 clubs but Benatia implied that he would only be tempted by such a move if big-spending club Paris Saint-Germain made an offer to sign him.

”I would be lying if I said that I want to play in the Ligue 1. Apart from Paris Saint-Germain, playing in the French league is not my goal,” he concluded.

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