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Boussoufa sidelined from Morocco squad due to injury

Source : | 28 May 2012 |  News, Sports | 2211 views


Morocco striker Mbark Boussoufa will miss Saturday’s 2014 World Cup qualifier against Zambia due to injury


Mbark Boussoufa was sidelined from the Morocco squad, which is currently preparing to play Gambia in an upcoming 2014 World Cup qualifier, due to an injury.

The Anzhi striker was injured during Morocco’s 1-0 loss to Senegal on Friday in a friendly game in Marrakech.

According to the team’s doctor, the player will not be ready to play in the coming clash with Gambia since he needs time to recover.

Morocco coach Eric Gerets has called up FAR Rabat midfielder Brahim El-Bahri to replace the injured 28-year-old striker.

Morocco will launch their drive towards the 2014 World Cup qualifier on Saturday against Zambia before meeting Ivory Coast one week later.

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