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Morocco’s Belhanda wants to stay with Montpellier

Source : | 18 May 2012 |  News, Sports | 2170 views

Moroccan midfielder Younes Belhanda says he hopes to stay with Montpellier, despite having been targeted by several European giants

Montpellier’s Moroccan playmaker Younes Belhanda expressed his desire on Thursday to stay at Montpellier, especially after the latter won a place in the next UEFA Champions League.

The French side are on the verge of winning their first-ever title, leading the Ligue 1 table – only one day before the end of the domestic league – three points ahead of Paris Saint Germain.

“I want to stay at Montpellier. Playing the Champions League with my home club will be extraordinary,” Belhanda was quoted as saying by French magazine l’Equipe.

“Something inside me told me to stay put in order to play the Champions League with Montpellier,” he added.

Belhanda, who joined Montpellier’s youth Academy in 2003, has produced a string of strong performances this season, being named best African player of Ligue 1 last Thursday.

The 22-year-old midfielder had earlier been linked to several European giants, including Premier League champions Manchester City and Arsenal and Italian side Inter Milan.

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