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Morocco refuses Egypt training camp ahead of World Cup qualifiers

Source : | 18 May 2012 |  News, Sports | 2466 views
Egypt’s final training camp prior to start of World Cup qualifiers cancelled without explanation by Moroccan authorities
The Moroccan Football Federation has refused to host Egypt’s final training camp before they kick off their 2014 World Cup qualifying campaign on 1 June.

Despite finalising their official papers to travel to Morocco on Friday, Egypt were shocked by Morocco’s refusal to permit the camp.

“I left the squad in the hotel and I’m going to meet the Egyptian Football Association head to discuss the situation,” Egypt assistant coach Diaa El-Sayed told Ahram Online.

“We are in a critical time as the qualifiers are approaching and we must prepare well,” he added.

Egypt are scheduled to face Mozambique in their first World Cup 2014 qualifier behind closed doors on 1 June at the Arab Bridge Stadium in Alexandria.

“We decided to hold the training camp in Morocco because the Egyptian authorities refused to secure any of our friendly matches at home,” El-Sayed said.

“We are performing a national duty so I hope the interior ministry will recognise the situation and help us hold our training camp at home after Morocco’s decision,” the assistant coach concluded.

The Pharaohs were to play friendly matches against Cameroon, Togo and Senegal in their canceled training camp in Morocco.

The seven-time African Cup of Nations (CAN) champions, under the guidance of American coach Bob Bradley, are paired with Guinea, Zimbabwe and Mozambique in Group G of the qualifiers.

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