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Morocco, Qatar Discuss Opening of Office for Moroccans’ employment in Doha

qatar-and-morocco.jpg Cairo  -  Bilateral cooperation in the field of employment was at the center of discussions, on Tuesday in Cairo, between minister of employment and social affairs Abdeslam Seddiki and his Qatari counterpart.During the meeting, held on the sidelines of ...

17 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Madrid: Morocco Reiterates its Commitment to International Efforts to Solve Libyan Crisis

Mbarka-Bouaida.jpg Madrid - Minister delegate for foreign affairs Mbarka Bouaida reiterated, on Wednesday in Madrid, Morocco’s dynamic commitment to international and regional efforts to find a solution to the Libyan crisis as part of a global approach. Speaking at the ministerial conference ...

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Opinion: Gaza Has Borne the Unbearable, While Arab Leaders Stay Silent

Palestinians-carry-plastic-bottles-filled-with-drinking-water-between-destroyed-houses-EPA.jpg By Abdellatif OudraOuarzazate - For us, it is unquestionably and indisputably real, but for an extraterrestrial it may seem to be a prehistoric tale, as fantastic as a story about dragons. For us, it’s undeniably true that 2,000 innocents were killed ...

16 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Morocco hosts second informal meeting on foreign fighters in Syria

The-Moroccan-Ministry-of-Foreign-Affairs.jpg Rabat – Rabat is hosting this Tuesday the second informal meeting on foreign fighters in Syria, co-sponsored by Morocco and the European Union. The meeting, held after the Brussels session held last February, is co-chaired by secretary general of the Moroccan ministry ... More

16 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Morocco’s iMote Participates in Dublin’s Technology Web Summit

Moroccos-iMote-Participates-in-Dublins-Technology-Web-Summit.jpg Taroudant, Morocco – The Morocco-based startup iMote, a gesture control app, is one of ten exciting African tech startups (along with nearly 200 companies) that are set to compete in the annual Web Summit conference, Europe’s largest start-up competition, to ...

16 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

2014 IAAF Continental Cup: 2nd edition opens in Marrakech

2014-IAAF-Continental-Cup-2nd-edition-opens-in-Marrakech.jpg Marrakech – The second edition of the 2014 Athletics Continental Cup by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) kicked off on Saturday in Marrakech Grand Stadium. The international track and field sporting event, worth 3 mln dollars, comprises 40 ... More

15 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Morocco: no Ebola case detected, watch and response level raised, Health Minister

Morocco-no-Ebola-case-detected-watch-and-response-level-raised-Health-Minister.jpg Rabat – No case of the Ebola virus was detected up till now in Morocco, said, on Monday in Rabat, Health Minister Houcine El Ouardi, announcing the setting up of a national watch and response plan against the epidemic. Among the measures ... More

15 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Morocco Seeks to Turn Tangier into Modern Metropolis in Mediterranean: El Pais

tangier.jpg Madrid - Morocco is promoting a large-scale strategic operation to turn the city of Tangier into a modern metropolis, with the building of the most important merchandises port in the Mediterranean (Tanger-Med) and the Tangier-Metropolis project, said on Sunday Spanish ...

14 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Road accident kills 4 and injures 20 in Tétouan

Traffic-Accidents-Toll-in-Morocco-exhausts-2-percent-of-the-GDP.jpg Tetouan  -  Four people died and twenty were injured, including 3 seriously, on Sunday in a road accident downtown Tétouan (northern Morocco).According to police and medical sources, a mini bus collided with a building in the Sidi Talha neighborhood ...

14 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Minister Says Western Sahara is Moroccan ‘Legally, Historically, Culturally’

Mustapha-Elkhalfi.jpg Rabat – Morocco is positively interacting and is supportive of UN initiatives for a settlement of the artificial dispute over the Western Sahara, said communication minister, government spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi, underlining that for Morocco, the Western Sahara’s Moroccanness ...

13 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Spain applauds Spanish Boats return to Moroccan waters

Moroccan-waters.jpg Madrid  – The Spanish government expressed its satisfaction with the return of Spanish fishermen to the Moroccan waters after a break of three years, following the renewal of the Morocco-EU fisheries agreement.At a press conference on the occasion of ...

13 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Morocco, Egypt Sign Cooperation Agreement in Religious Field

Mohamed-Saad-El-Alami.jpg Cairo  -  Morocco and Egypt signed, on Saturday in Cairo, a cooperation agreement in the religious field for the implementation in the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 of the memorandum of understanding which was inked in April 2009 between ...

13 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment



FIFA World Rankings: Morocco Drops to 81st Position


 Zurich- The Moroccan squad dropped two places and are now down to 81st in the FIFA World rankings, released Thursday.In the Arab world, the Atlas Lions are the 5th behind Algeria (24th), Egypt (33rd), Tunisia (42nd) and Libya (62nd).Germany …