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Three Moroccan planes carrying humanitarian aid for Gazans land in Egypt

Morocco-Dispatches-Humanitarian-Aid-to-Gaza-Population.jpg Al-Ismailia (Egypt) – Three Moroccan planes carrying humanitarian aid for populations in the Gaza Strip arrived on Saturday in the Egyptian military airport of Al-Ismailia (east).This is the second consignment of humanitarian aid ordered by HM King Mohammed VI ...

16 August 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Morocco: Married Woman Jailed After Marrying a Second Man

Morocco-Married-Woman-Jailed-After-Marrying-a-Second-Man.jpg Fez- A Moroccan woman has been tried by a Casablanca court for adultery after taking a second husband while still married to another man.According to the daily Assabah, a married woman was charged with adultery and is being tried ...

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Did Darwin Die Muslim?

Shajara-Code-Decoded.jpg Fez – Dr. Imad Hassan Babiker authored a revolutionary book in Sudan. It was first written in Arabic then published in Cairo (late December, 2011). This book, which was released early in 2013, in the edition of Dar Al-Watan ...

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Morocco Takes Part in Ceremony Commemorating 70th Anniversary of Landing in Provence

Moroccos-Head-of-government-Abdelilah-Benkirane-greeting-French-President-Francois-Holland.jpg Toulon -  The head of Government, Abdelilah Benkirane, attended Friday off Toulon the ceremony commemorating the 70th anniversary of the landing in Provence. In a statement to the press, Benkirane underlined the contribution of Moroccan soldiers in this military operation ... More

16 August 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

399 Smuggled Smartphones Seized in Bab Sebta

Smuggled-Smartphones.jpg Tetouan  -  Some 399 smuggled smartphones worth around 331,000 dirhams have been seized recently by Customs personnel in Bab Sebta. The merchandise, smuggled via the occupied enclave of Sebta, was concealed under the seats of a Spain-registered car driven by ... More

15 August 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Mustapha Meziani’s Two-month Hunger Strike Caused His Deaht: Ministry

Morocco-Jailed-Activist-Student-Mustapha-Meziani-Dies-on-Hunger-Strike.jpg Rabat – The persistence of convict Mustapha Meziani to continue his hunger strike of over two months and the complications it entailed left no chance to save his life, said the health ministry on Friday.  Mustapha Meziani died on Wednesday ... More

15 August 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Morocco-Algeria: No means No

King-Mohamed-VI-of-Morocco.-Abdelaziz-bouteflika-of-Algeria.jpg San Francisco –  It has been many long years since Morocco began asking Algeria to open its borders. These requests have fallen on deaf ears. The Algerian response has been firm and consistent. NO. The Algerians could not be ...

14 August 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Kim Kardashian: Morocco’s Argan Oil is My Beauty Secret

Rabat- Rabat Kim Kardashian has revealed that Morocco’s Argan oil from Morocco is her skin secret. American reality TV star Kim Karadashian said that Argan oil has a special place in her daily beauty routine in order to keep her ...

14 August 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

RAM Provides up to 360 Seats for Evacuation of Moroccan Expats in Libya

ram.jpg Casablanca - Moroccan carrier RAM increased from 130 to 360 the number of daily seats in regular flights between Morocco and Tunisia to repatriate Moroccan expatriates in Libya.The company announced on Monday its decision to replace Boeing 737-700 with Boeing ...

13 August 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Morocco Seeks to Reduce Cannabis Cultivated Areas to Less than 30,000 ha: Minister

cannabis-in-Morocco.jpg Rabat – Interior Minister Mohamed Hassad announced, on Wednesday in Rabat, that the huge anti-drug efforts made by Morocco will enable it, in the short run, to reduce cannabis cultivated areas to less than 30,000 ha, with a complete ...

13 August 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Some Algerian Press Lead Provocative Media War Against Morocco: Minister

Mustapha-El-Khalfi.jpg Rabat – Some Algerian media outlets are conducting a “provocative media war” against Morocco, said Wednesday in Rabat minister of Communication, Government spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi, saying that 1,605 news articles hostile to the Kingdom have been published during ...

13 August 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Western Sahara: Morocco Reiterates ‘Firm Commitment’ to Political Process, Urges ‘Neutrality’ of UN Secretariat

Omar-Hilale.jpg New York, United Nations – Morocco’s ambassador to the United Nations Omar Hilale reiterated Tuesday in New York the Kingdom’s “firm commitment” to the political process which “inevitably requires neutrality of the UN Secretariat”, warning that any attempt to ...

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FIFA World Rankings: Morocco Drops to 81st Position


 Zurich- The Moroccan squad dropped two places and are now down to 81st in the FIFA World rankings, released Thursday.In the Arab world, the Atlas Lions are the 5th behind Algeria (24th), Egypt (33rd), Tunisia (42nd) and Libya (62nd).Germany …