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Algeria-Morocco: The New Kid on the Block

Moroccan-Foreign-Minister-Salaheddine-Mezouar-and-Algerian-foreign-Minister-Ramtan-Lamamra.jpg By Majid MorceliSan Francisco- There is no denial that since naming Salaheddine Mezouar the head of Moroccan diplomacy, we are now witnessing a different ball game with regards to the Western Sahara issue. He is a shrewd public servant. ...

24 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Antiterrorism: Washington Praises Morocco’s Efforts in GCTF

Moroccan-Foreign-Minister-Greets-Secretary-Kerry-Before-Strategic-Dialogue-in-Rabat-Photo-courtesy-US-State-Department.jpg United Nations - US Secretary of State John Kerry praised, here Tuesday, Morocco for being at the forefront of the efforts of the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF). “I’d like to extend my thanks to our colleagues from Morocco and the Netherlands to ... More

23 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Morocco-Algeria: The New Strategy, is it Good Enough?

King-Mohammed-VI-with-Abdelaziz-Bouteflika.jpg Majid MorcelliSan Francisco- Morocco is not helping its sacred cause by asking Algeria to be part of the solution. Just as Morocco will never accept losing one inch of its Sahara, Algeria too will never allow itself to lose ...

23 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

How Al Qaeda Differs from ISIS

Isis.jpg Marrakech – Experts say that ISIS (or ISIL) is not as serious a threat to the United States as Al Qaeda.“Certainly al Qaeda, no question” is a greater threat to the US, stated Will McCants, a fellow in the Center ...

22 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Morocco’s Head of Govt. receives CEO of General Electric

benkirane-pdg-general-electrics-680x365.jpg Rabat  -  Head of government Abdelilah Benkirane received, on Monday in Rabat, chief executive officer of General Electric (GE) Jeffrey Immelt who is on a working visit to Morocco.During the meeting, Benkirane highlighted Morocco’s reform process carried out, under ...

22 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Building World Peace to Advance Local Development

Secretary-General-Ban-Ki-moon-at-the-Peace-Bell-Ceremony-on-the-occasion-of-the-International-Day-of-Peace-2014.-UN-PhotoCia-Pak.jpg Marrakech - The condition of mutually enforcing bottom-up social development movements and enabling top-down laws, policies and treaties, assist ever more people and groups in coming-together to achieve the change they seek.It should be clear that if peace is ...

21 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Over 3 kg of cocaine seized at Casablanca international airport

cocaine1.jpg Casablanca - Three West African nationals, including a woman, travelling from Sao Paulo to Kotono, were arrested Saturday by the police of the Casablanca international airport for possession of 3.35 kg of cocaine. The drugs were concealed in women handbags, chief of the ... More

21 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Project for a New State-of-the-art Bus Station in Marrakech

Proposal-for-New-Central-Bus-Station-in-Marrakech.jpg Taroudant, Morocco – Architecture company Narrowminded Architects has teamed up with BOM Architects and presented a proposal for a new Marrakech Central Bus Terminal, according to Archdaily.In an attempt to address the problem of increasingly congested traffic, and to match ...

21 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Spilling the Beans: It is not about what you know but who you know

Nepotism-in-Morocco.jpg Rabat – Though Morocco is technically in the 21st century, yet in reality it is in the middle ages because some of the common practices of today are, alas, tribal. Individuals are not recognized for their merit, their knowledge, ...

21 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

U.S. Ambassador Bush Leads Blood Donation Campaign in Rabat

U.S.-Ambassador-Bush-Leads-a-Blood-Donation-Campaign-in-Rabat.jpg Fez - U.S. Ambassador Dwight L. Bush, Sr. participated in a blood donation campaign in collaboration with the Moroccan National Center for Blood Transfusion at the American Club in Rabat. The campaign was conducted in response to the national blood shortage ...

20 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Morocco Dismantles Criminal Network follower of Extremist Ideas: Interior Ministry

criminals.jpg Rabat  – Moroccan security services dismantled a criminal network follower of extremist ideas whose members perpetrate attacks against citizens. The four members of this network have been involved in several criminal acts using knives, sticks and hoods, said a statement ...

20 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment

Analysis: Scotland to Stay Part of the United Kingdom

Scottish-Independence-ReferendumCelebrationEdinburgh.jpg Marrakech – Ever since Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Stuart pretender to the English throne, led the 1745 Jacobite rebellion which was brutally suppressed by the Duke of Cumberland with Hanoverian troops at the battle of Culloden, there has always ...

19 September 2014 | Category: News  |  No comment



FIFA World Rankings: Morocco Drops to 81st Position


 Zurich- The Moroccan squad dropped two places and are now down to 81st in the FIFA World rankings, released Thursday.In the Arab world, the Atlas Lions are the 5th behind Algeria (24th), Egypt (33rd), Tunisia (42nd) and Libya (62nd).Germany …


Swiss Company Invests € 65 Million in Moroccan Bio-agriculture

Geneva - “Eléphant Vert,” leading Swiss bio-fertilizer company, gained a foothold in Morocco where it is in the process of setting up three production units in Meknes, Agadir and Berkane for an amount of 65 million euros.This project, which will …